2024 New Forms

Additional Resources:

Changes to a number of residential, commercial, auction, and property management forms in the NC REALTORS® forms library will take effect July 1. A list of the forms that changed and a detailed summary of those changes are now available via the links below.

Have questions about these changes? Ask our lawyer directly! Chat with John Wait, general counsel, on Monday, July 8 at 1 pm in the NC REALTORS® Mobile Mondays Facebook Group. Join the group.

For a more detailed explanation of the form changes, NC REALTORS® General Counsel John Wait has created a series of informative videos. These videos cover some of the updated forms and explain the changes in detail. You can watch the full playlist here.

The playlist includes videos for the following forms:

  • Form 101
  • Form 201 Part 1
  • Form 201 Part 2
  • Form 203
  • Form 220
  • Form 770

Additional information is available in The Road to the Perfect Contract class. Choose a date to take this virtual 4-hour CE class with instructor Patrice Willetts: