Tech Support/Training

Helpful Links:

KW Answers – This is where you can search for topics related to any Command issues:

Locations – Don’t know where our locations are? Not to worry! Here are the maps! – The Market Center Website that you are looking at now! Click the link to go to the home page.

KW Central YouTube Channel – Your Market Center’s You Tube Channel! Here you will find “Share Your Story” videos, they are short interviews with notable agents here in our Market Center.

KW Logos – This is where you will find assorted designs of KW logos to choose from.

KW Central Logos
– Logos branded to our Market Center

Command Login – Home Page with Agent White Pages, Reports, and our Market Center Calendar.

KW Connect – Similar to MyKw but on a larger scale. You will find a calendar to live streaming training videos and an archive of videos, FAQ’s, and current KW topics.

Scott LeRoy Marketing YouTube Channel – These videos offer an in depth training about a wide variety of command topics. These videos are long, but if you are having trouble figuring out how to utilize a particular function of command, this is a great place to go (or come see me!)

Lori Ballen YouTube Channel “at your command! – Lori Ballen is an agent in Las Vegas. Her videos offer a more “in practice” perspective on command use for agents.